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Jude grew up and attended school in Florida.  She has lived in Washington, D. C., Northern California, and now in Virginia.  A life coach and teacher, Jude completed her masters degree from the University of Virginia as a reading specialist, while training to become a life coach.  Jude is a member of and certified through the International Association of Coaching or IAC.


Married for thirty-one years and now flying solo, Jude has three grown children.  In her life’s journeys, Jude’s learned much about relationships, grief, spiritual wholeness, Attention Deficit Disorder, and learning disabilities.


A few of Jude's pleasures in life are connecting with family and friends, spending time at the beach or in nature, cooking a wide variety of ethnic or vegetarian foods, and reading. 




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How did I come to life coaching?  In 2005 I sustained the loss of both parents and my marriage. The following summer I attended a weekend retreat entitled "Moving Onward and Forward With Your Life".  One of the sessions evolved around: What are your core values? What are your deepest fears and limiting beliefs?  If nothing stood in your way what would you like to do in life?  Our presenter was a life coach who offered  a sample session to anyone who was interested.  I signed up and--click--my inner light had been turned on!  It was then and there that I knew what my passion and vision for the future was.  I'd always enjoyed discussing problems, and brainstorming with my friends, family, and co-workers.  This seemed like a perfect fit. 

When I got home, I immediately hired a Life On Purpose coach.  Our connection was eerie  We had many of the same beliefs about being whole and capable right now.  We had similar spiritual connections that made this seem more than a coincidence. I knew THIS was what I wanted to do too.

My training is through the School of Coaching Mastery.  I have researched and worked with finding Life's Purpose, The Work (Byron Katie), and the Co-Active model of coaching.  I coach from a deep level of intuitive wisdom that can put you in touch with your Highest Self.

Thrive where you're planted and grow towards the light ~ YOUR inner light.

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